Name: Sonja Jenkins
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Pear Painting
Testimonial: I had a fabulous day at this workshop. I have done some drawing classes with Diana and Richard but had not done any painting since I was at intermediate school and even then it was not what you would consider "proper" painting. So I came to the class with no idea really of how to do any painting including how to hold the paint brush!
The instructions were easy to understand and there was time to assimilate what was being said. I wasn't sure I was doing it "right" but there was plenty of encouragement and advice during the class. I am absolutely delighted at the piece of work I produced and I will even display it at home. Will I do another class? YES!
Name: Gretta
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Portrait Weekend Workshop
Just a quick email to let you know we arrived home safe & sound. I showed some of our family my work and they were blown away. I of course think it could be better but I just wanted to let you know how I am so appreciative of what you managed to teach me ! I Never could have drawn a face that even resembled a person let alone do the shading & all the little extras I’ve learnt prior to your incredible workshop. It is just so exciting a life long dream come true. I really cannot tell you how long I have wished to draw a persons face – so many to try now !!!! I am worn out from the full on weekend, packed with heaps for the money. Worn out ….. but VERY happy.
Your teaching style, techniques, patience & easy friendly manner is fabulous
Name: Malu Malo
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Portrait Weekend Workshop
Testimonial: I have always loved drawing but most of the things I've drawn are cartoon like or really abstract that no one can really tell what it is. I've never taken art classes (apart from high school) but have tried to teach myself with art books. It never works and I end up giving up because I get bored and frustrated because I don't know if I'm progressing and where I'm going wrong. At the workshops though I found it way more enjoyable because not only was I able to learn new drawing skills, but I was able to gain feedback and guidance on areas I could improve on. Richard and Diana are a dynamic duo who provide great feedback and encouragement about your work, but also make the class inviting and fun. Now I am strides better in my drawing, and I can't wait to reach the level of Richard and Diana with my drawing. If my mum didn't actually see me drawing, she wouldn't believe that I did it. For me this is a great achievement, because my mum is always my toughest critic and she's never afraid to dish out the tough love. So I would highly recommend this workshop, and I guess there's no doubt that I would definitely attend another workshop or class in the future
Name: Priyanka Ray
City: Auckland
Workshop: Charcoal Landscape Workshop
This one is my 5th Art Weekend with Diana & Richard, and I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly as much as I did my other classes with them. 
I had a bit of painting experience before I joined them. But I have met fellow students who never had done any painting before and could produce fabulous art works at end of the class and dumbfound themselves & others around .

Over a couple of weekend workshops, I have been able to learn many different techniques under their able guidance. This keep me coming back for more.   I feel, one of the key differentiators of their workshops is that -  all your works are done by ‘only yourself’, they teach you step by step  , show you how to do next bit /suggest you steps to correct mistakes , but they never touch your work. Which means the amazing ‘work’ you produce at end of the workshop do justice to your signature on the canvas. This is such a lovely feeling.

Both Diana & Richard are very methodical and complement each other when it comes to teaching . The guide books that are given to us during the class are so helpful as  future reference.
The best thing about this particular workshop was that I could take 4 finished charcoal landscapes  home at end of the session. They were just so good.  Am so glad to recommend them to anybody who is interested to learn deft use of various art medium in an easy going, safe & encouraging environment.
Name: Nikki Harrison
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Portrait Weekend
Testimonial: I can't say enough wonderful things about Diana and Richard and the excellent work they do. Before I met Diana and Richard I knew (or so I thought) that I was one of those people who just had not natural talent, at all. When I began with them I was nervous, even anxious about drawing but the friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere of Diana and Richard's workshops had me producing amazing work before long. I was (and continue to be) amazed at what I - someone with completely no experience or confidence in art at all - was able to create almost immediately.
I have also been part of the weekly lessons that Diana and Richard run in Auckland and absolutely love it. If you've always longed to be able to create beautiful art but never felt that you were one of those lucky people able to, even if you honestly believe you could never do it, then this is the place for you. I never, ever, ever thought I would be able to draw anything half decent let alone the beautiful work that I am able to do now after working with Diana and Richard.
I loved this workshop and will most definitely be doing more!
Name: Michael Watson
City: Russell
Workshop attended:Charcoal Landscape 2-day Workshop
Testimonial: Great learning experience not to be missed... Watch out these classes are addictive..!!
Name:  Hilary Coutts
City: Russell
Workshop attended: Charcoal Landscape 2-day Workshop
Right side of my brain activated again! Thank you both so much for such a stimulating and educational Worksop in Russell last week.
I had not picked up a pencil or brush for nearly 20 years and kept putting off doing so. Your charcoal drawing workshop was the perfect reintroduction to the world of art. Line and tone in the raw with 2 excellent tutors who inspired confidence as well as demonstrating techniques. I drove home after each session seeing the landscape in a completely different way. I was amazed at what I was able to draw with your careful guidance as well as enjoying the convivial atmosphere with fellow, face smudged students.
Thank you both again and please let me know the dates of your next Russell workshop.
Name   Maggie Sales
Town   Russell
Class  Charcoal Workshop
I really enjoyed these 2 days.  I learnt so much to aid in my drawing skills and actually produced some work that I could be reasonably satisfied with.
Will continue to attend Richard and Diane's weeking classes. Cannot wait until I can attend another workshop.
Name:  Henry Langguth
Workshop :Landscape Toi Toi Painting Workshop
Testimonial: "I heard Richard  say that you dont need talent or skill to paint,so as I had a mild interest in learning to paint I took the bold move and enrolled in Diana and Richards one day art course. Both Diana and Richard are skilled professionals who listen to each attendees needs, and then encourage and suggest ,in  such a way that you suddenly realise you actually produced a fantastic painting.
I think its best encapsulated in my case, by the request I got from a friend, who on seeing my “first real artwork” he wanted to buy it, to hang with a piece he had brought of a similar landscape. I was more than delighted with his comments.
If you are considering one of Diana and Richards art classes, DO IT. 
Not only will you come away full of confidence with  your new found skills and knowledge,but you have the opportunity to meet other fellow would be artists.
I can  only say this was one very well spent day, and has given me the courage to extend myself, and learn more about colours and art.
PS: Its true, everything you need is included in the course price, just bring your self for a truly enjoyable day,and go home enlightened."
Name:  Raewyn Judkins
City: Whangarei
Workshop attended: Toi Toi Landscape and Pukeko
Testimonial: Thanks Dianna and Richard for truly enjoyable days in your workshops.  Skills are learnt and practiced at your workshops in a friendly, non-threatening environment where people at all levels can work side by side in a companionable manner.  A ready mix of encouragement, guidance and challenge flows throughout the day allowing everyone to achieve a result that they are truly happy with.  The energy level maintained for these packed full days is a testament to the skill and personal qualities Richard and Dianna bring to their teaching.  The workshops offer a variety of skills allowing the student to accumulate a good variety of painting techniques for use in personal projects.  Invaluable learning. I will be attending more as time and opportunity allow.
Name:  Judith Graham
City:    Kerikeri
Year:   2011
Workshop attended:  Pukeko
Testimonial:  I had not done a painting before - am a complete amateur and by lunchtime was thinking I was not going to finish the painting.  But with the extreme patience and encouragement from Diana and Richard I managed to complete my picture.  I am surprised that for my very first attempt I have been able to produce a “masterpiece”.  Diana and Richard are deserving of the praise they receive for the effort and energy that they put into these classes.  I now have ideas to practice before I embark on another of their creative classes next year.
Name: Raewyn Sissons   
Workshop attended: Pukeko
Testimonial: I really enjoyed my day with Richard & Diana. Learn’t lots of tips. We got lots of individual attention. The atmosphere was very relaxed and fun.   I would definitely do another workshop. 

Name: Jeanie Border
Workshop attended:  Kerikeri Pukeko
Testimonial: Thanks for another wonderful workshop and pleasant day Richard and Di.  The way you help your pupils and look after them is second to none.
Name: Ian Kershaw
City: Auckland
Workshop Attended: Beach Scene Painting
Just a quick note to thank you so much for the Beach Scene Painting Class I attended today. Although Graham Sydney probably has nothing to worry about from my first attempt, I am absolutely rapt with the result as I had not picked up a paint brush since leaving school 35 years ago!

You need to be commended on your teaching methods (and patience) as I would never have believed that in a single day I could have produced a (reasonable) piece of artwork. It has certainly inspired me to continue painting and I will no doubt see you at one of your other workshops! I learnt so much today that it would take too long to put in a short email, but, I would certainly recommend any of your courses to those wanting to learn how to paint, no matter their experience or skill level.
Name: Mary Ma
City: Auckland
Workshop attended:July 2011 Learn to Draw Weekend Workshop
Testimonial: I have never learned drawing before. After two days' workshop with Diana & Richard, I am amazed how much I have learnt. When I look at those drawings I have done, I feel so happy and I feel a sense of achievement. I never thought I could be able to do that well too. I would definitely love to attend another workshop in future.
Name: Deanna Jansson
City: Auckland
Workshop Attended: Paua Painting Workshop
Testimonial:   I had such an enjoyable day painting at this workshop.  I was a total paint novice with my experience limited to painting with my children, which was more about setting up and cleaning up for them. I did feel very apprehensive at the start but I needn't have because every step in
the process was well explained, demonstrated and achievable, with lots of assistance. The atmosphere was relaxed, non-judgemental and fun, and the company friendly. It was very rewarding to actually complete a 'real' painting and I look forward to attending as many of these workshops as I can.
Name: Erica Gremmelmaier
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Pohutukawa Painting and Kina Shell Painting Workshops
Testimonial: For those who have no prior painting experience this is certainly a great workshop to attend.  Richard and Diana work as a great team and patiently guided me through achieving a couple of paintings that I'm very chaffed with.  They were patient when stuck on a technique that I found tricky and appreciated that they encouraged me, instead of doing it for me.  I loved the mixed media painting and certainly look to attending more workshops in the future. 
Name:  Jan Mason
City:     Auckland
Workshop attended:  Pink Camelia
Testimonial:    I was quite nervous attending the workshop as I had no previous experience with acrylic paints. Also I had not received any tutoring in art since distant school days.
I need not have worried.  Richard and Diana gave full and helpful advise and immediately put us all at ease.  The workshop was great fun and the time just flew.   I would definitely consider attending another workshop in the future.
Name:  David Scoffham
City:  Russell, Bay of Islands
Workshop attended:Portrait Drawing Workshop
Whereas I have done some water-colour work ages ago, I have always concentrated more on landscapes since I found that my attempts at drawing people were really rather pathetic, so they just annoyed the subjects.

So I was truly amazed to find that I could actually produce quite an accurate, life-like image of the face of a pretty girl from a photograph after only a few hours of gentle instruction from Richard & Diana. I must admit that I was greatly assisted by the attractive girl in the photo who I was attempting to portray (this was guaranteed to motivate me and to drive me not to ruin her good looks!), but both I found Richard & Diana’s guidance most effective. It was good fun to boot and above all, truly relaxing, since I simply had to focus hard on the girl’s face and wipe all other thoughts from my mind to ensure I gave her my best.

So now the challenge is to find the time to practice and extend my skills! Easier said than done, especially for me, since I often get side-tracked by other matters. But the experience was so very rewarding that I know I’ll rise to this challenge, even if it does take me a few more weeks or a spell of bad weather to do so.   Thank you, Richard & Diana.
Name: Cristine Aronson (Just Imagine Art Gallery)
City: Russell, Bay of Islands
Year: April 2011
Weekly Drawing Classes & Portrait Drawing 2 - Day WorkShop in Russell
Seven weeks ago I didn't think the words "I can draw" would ever be uttered .  While those words are still in the very early formation, I know have the confidence to try my hand at something I have always wanted to do: learn to draw!  Thanks to Diana and Richard's teaching techniques which are fun, relaxed and step by step, I am learning to use more of my right brain, see shapes and discern different values of light and dark,  filled space and negative space.  In addition , the portrait workshop we did was two days of absolute joy.  Never have I learned so much in such a brief time or had so much pleasure doing so.  Richard and Diana are a dynamic team, whose positive comments and gentle coaching helped me and each of us produce  portraits of which  we could be proud. If you have ever wanted to learn to draw, take a workshop or a course with the Moores.  It may change your life; it has changed mine!!
Name: Raymond and Rozlyn Walsh
City: Russell, Bay of Islands
Year: April 2011
Portrait Drawing 2 - Day WorkShop in Russell
Testimonial:  Just fantastic.  Richard and Diana are such good teachers.  The work we produced was very pleasing and many of us had very little drawing experience.  A workshop that is suitable for all levels and there is always so much to learn.  We were taken through the various steps with skill and patience and every moment was enjoyable.  The time passed all too fast.
Name: Debbie Haworth
Workshop attended:Tuscany Landscape
Testimonial:We both had so much fun together. It is a wonderful way to spend a day with someone special and immensely satisfying producing lovely work.
Name:  Peter Gilling, General Manager
Custom Motorbodies 1998 Ltd
City:   Auckland  
Workshop:  Learn to Draw Portraits Weekend, Takapuna
Testimonial:I have just  attended the workshop Portrait Drawing Weekend offered by Richard and Diana Moore (Moore Fine Arts) 
Although in my 64th year I approached this course with some trepidation as I had difficulty in drawing a straight line or indeed drawing anything you would recognise as an artistic form.
However I braved the day on Saturday morning  and was pleased to be welcomed by Richard and Diana who were very friendly and welcoming.
The course was organised – but informal – non judgemental – but inspirational –  grounded and instructive – but most of all fun – the time just flew and the weekend seemingly was over before it started.
Although in my opinion I was probably at the bottom of the class of 10  – I had picked up tools and skills I could use in both my hobbies at home and my job as manager of an engineering company.
The crunch came on Sunday night when I put my weekend’s work in front of my kids – Nicholas and Marianne – probably my harshest critics – yeah Dad  not bad  - they gave me 7/10 – almost brought tears to my eyes.
For those of you who would like to draw or paint – who say  you have to be born to it -I say to you give Richard and Diane a try – masters of right brain activity.
Name: Julia Ray
City: Whangarei
Workshop attended:  Kingfisher Painting
Testimonial:  Its 42 years since I last held a paintbrush!  Diana and Richard have given me the confidence and refresher skills to enable me to enjoy painting again.  It was a good fun day with a nice balance between, theory, practice, tea breaks and humour! 
I feel quite proud of my finished painting  and it will definately be hung on display.  As a result of the day I hope to be able to add a few more pictures painted on my own using the new skills learned.  After a few months of pratice I hope to attend another workshop and try painting something new.
Name:  Nelia Vanderwoude
City:  North Shore
Workshop attended:  Portrait Painting
"I am still awed in disbelief as to how I was able to produce portraits with such soulful eyes – in two weekend lessons only.  Your workshops are a fantastic opportunity to extend what we know and to learn new techniques that are so easy to follow.  Both of you walked an extra mile with us giving us the individualised attention as needed and guided as in our journey.  My 7-year old daughter was ecstatic (as much as I have surprised myself too) to see how I painted her eyes beautifully.  This is so far my 3rd workshop I have attended and as always, I am a very satisfied client.  I love your work and I am looking forward to seeing both of you this coming Sunday for my 4th workshop – the parrot painting!  "

Name: Ariella Bond
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Portrait drawing
"I LOVED this course.  I learnt so much, and left with pieces of work that I was so proud of.  I was a little dubious about whether the course would live up to the praise of other people, but it definitely did.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ".
Name:  Von Cassidy
City:   Auckland 
Workshop:  Tuscany Painting Workshop, Takapuna
"Diana and Richard, thank you for the wonderful painting course that I was lucky enough to attend last Sunday.  I didn’t know what to expect, but was hoping that I would pick up a few tips on how to paint.  The whole day was excellent.  You both were so helpful, friendly and encouraging and the caring atmosphere that you established from the beginning carried on throughout the day.  I learned such a lot, and with your helpful tips and suggestions we all ended up being amazed at what we had produced.  It was a wonderful day."

Name: Jenny Roest
City: Auckland  
Workshop attended: Painting Workshop - Pink Camelia
Testimonial: I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learnt so much. Richard and Diana helped us through step-by-step so we never felt too out of depth. Although everyone put their own style on their painting they all looked fabulous! Looking forward to the next one.
Name: Tee Ngatupuna
City: Otara, Manukau City   
Workshop attended: Painting Camellias
First time painter since high school, I came across Richard & Diana via their website and decided to register by way of interest.  I’ve always loved art & painting, I had brought so many books along the years but felt it was necessary to attend an actual class, and I’m so glad that I did .  The instructions were very simple to follow, all tools provided on the day, Richard & Diana really made you feel welcome which was fantastic.  Thanks Richard & Diana.
Name: Simon Glynn
City: Auckland  
Workshop Attended: Learn to Draw Portraits Weekend
A big thank you for running the workshop over the weekend. It was the first drawing class I have attended and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a nice, relaxed atmosphere and at yet at the same time focused on getting the most out of the class.
Name:Carol Bates
City: North Shore   
Workshop Attended: Learn to Draw Portraits Weekend
I especially liked the way you guided us without actually doing it for us. It must be a huge temptation to grab the pencil & “help” the students. It is so rewarding to be able to say I drew it myself. With my scientific background I always knew I was a “lefty” so it will be interesting to see how practice will develop the right side.
Name: Kassie Watson
Workshop attended: Pohutakawa Beach (plus Tuscany Scene/Pink Camilia)
“I have thoroughly enjoyed now 3 painting workshops, and can’t express how supportive and encouraging you both are in facilitating them. I have 3 beautiful paintings I am proud of, as well as inspiration and confidence to continue to do my own paintings. Thank you for your kindness and support and I look forward to seeing you both at future painting workshops!”
Name: Chris Cowley-Thomson
City: Whangarei 
Workshop attended: Paua Shell
"Thank you so much for today. I really enjoyed myself and I am still buzzing over my achievement. My painting is hanging in our dinning room already and I think looking pretty good on our coloured wall."
Name: Annabel Stewart
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Lavendar Field Tuscany
Testimonial: Loved the worskhop, hadn't painted in about 12 years and this was a great way to get started again. Richard and Diana were really helpful and obviously very talented, their instructions and demonstration were clear and great to follow. Really lovely creative day with like minded others in the class. Will definately sign up for more workshops.
Name: Heinrich (Rick) Louw
City:  Auckland          
Workshop attended: Pohutakawa Painting Workshop
Thanks again for an amazing workshop – I thoroughly enjoyed it and would surely try and attend another one in the near future. I found the workshop very inspirational and I had also learnt in the workshop that I actually have capabilities that I never thought I did. Everybody should explore their creative side!
Name: Diane Boucher   
Workshop attended:Lavender Fields Acrylic Painting
Testimonial:I have been painting for the last four years and have had some tuition for three of those in the basic ABC's of various painting techniques. For the last year I have been painting at home and watching many tutorials on DVD's.My preferred medium is oils and am very fortunate that some of my work has been accepted into some galleries.
I attended this workshop as always thirsty for knowledge connected to painting. I wanted not only to learn to use and handle acrylic paint but the subject looked as though it would help me to paint more painterly instead of the tight pedantic habit I was getting into.
I found the workshop was all I expected it to be with all the instruction and guidance from two very encouraging positive people. Thank you Richard and Diana.I would not hesitate in recommending these workshops as a friendly, instructive, great value for money day indulging in a great pastime. Look forward to further workshops.
PS. I love my painting and so do my strongest critiques. My Family. .

Name: Debby Keay
City: Whangarei
Workshop attended: Paua Shell
Testimonial: "Really enjoyed the workshop, you were clear and helpful in the steps to be taken and knowledgeable about the products we used. The Paua shell painting emerged very easily from the blank canvas under your guidance. Thank you."

Name: Noliene Greig
City:   Whangarei
Workshop attended: Pohutukawa Tree - Acrylics
Testimonial: I really enjoyed this very informative day class.  We were kept busy learning new techniques as well as producing a very nice painting. The time flew by and I came away knowing that I had learned a great deal.  This to me, is the greatest way to successfully take in new information.  Thankyou.
Name: Irene Henry
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Lavender Fields
Testimonial: This is my second workshop with Richard & Diana. The easy atmosphere of the class really gives me the confidence to paint - there is help & support at hand if I need it. Their classes are simple but the results are stunning. Everyone has a great day. I look forward the next workshop.
Name: Deborah Forkert
City: Tauranga
Workshop Attended: Pohutakawa Painting Workshop
Your class was by far the best I have had the pleasure to attend!
"Finally, tutors who share their knowledge and techniques and give helpful hints and instructions!
Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed your class and am pleased I made the effort to travel up to it."

Name: Annette Byron
City: Hamilton
Workshop attended: Painting Workshop
"Thank you for a wonderful day. You and Richard are very special people.  Your professionalism, enthusiasm and good natured banter was a pleasure to see."
Name:  Irene Henry
City:  Auckland 
Workshop attended:  Learn to Draw Weekend
"Just a quick note to say thanks for a wonderful weekend.
It was lovely to meet you and the others in the class (although there wasn’t much time to get to know each other as we were so focused on learning!) I want to say thank you for giving me the key to a door I have been searching for. I am eager to continue with my journey."
Name:  Heather Edwards
City:   Whangarei
Workshop attended:  Landscape Painting
Testimonial:  I am a real beginner at drawing and painting and going to this workshop was great fun.  I reckon my painting is not too shabby and even though we all did the same painting they all looked different, even though we all used the same paint colours but our mixes were different.  I had a wonderful day, good company and a fun time learning.  I would highly recommend Diana & Richard’s workshops to anyone interested in drawing and painting.  I’ll definitely be going back for more.
Name:  Sujatha Gopalkrishnan
City:  Auckland 
Workshop attended:  Weekend drawing workshop for beginners 
"This weekend workshop has reawakened a long but dormant interest in drawing and I am most certainly looking forward to future workshops.  I enjoyed the easy teaching approach and the wonderful techniques that Richard and Diana so generously shared with us." .
Name: Shirley Emerson
City: Whangarei
Year: 2011
Workshop attended: Landscape with Toi Toi & Drawing Classes
I attended a paint workshop in Whangarei in March 2011.
I never took art at school and had reservations regarding my ability to even be part of this workshop...would I be a complete failure? Well, from the moment we were welcomed until time to walk back out the door, I was made to feel at ease and assured "you can do it".
And I did!  I am proud of the finished painting and the sense of achievement is priceless.
Richard and Diana team up together to teach, advise, encourage - and all this done in a warm and happy environment. I am glad to be attending their drawing classes this term and would certainly wish to attend another painting workshop in the future.
Name: Barbara van Zyl
City:     Auckland
Workshop attended:    Kingfisher Painting
Testimonial:    I had never painted before and found the well organised workshop a really excellent introduction.  The small intimate class means that you get personal attention from both Richard and Diana throughout the process.  It was such an enjoyable experience and the day passed far too quickly.  I am so thrilled with my painting and hope to do another class in the near future.
Name: Lyanne Evans
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Charcoal Workshop
Testimonial: The workshop was very rewarding for someone who has never drawn before. I was told before I started that I would be able to produce something worthwhile – they were right!
A great weekend where I met some very nice people who were also very encouraging. Friendly, informal with great tutors.
Thank you Diana and Richard – see you again soon.

Name:  Faith Sutton
City:  Auckland
Workshop attended:  Landscape Toi Toi
Testimonial:  "Absolutely awesome day, learnt so much and would highly recommend to all.  I will be attending as many workshops as I can as Richard and Diana are fantastic teachers and very patient.  I am still taking in at what I turned out at the end of the day especially for someone who had no experience of painting before. My friends and family are amazed!  I urge you to give it a go and you will never regret it and will absolutely love it. "

Name: Jeanne Alison
City: Whangarei
Workshop attended: Landscape with Toi Toi & Drawing Classes
Testimonial: Thank you Richard and Diana for the opportunity to learn from the best teachers. You create a wonderful relaxed enviornment and give confidence.  I have always wanted to do art and have just had a go on my own, but now to be taught with your knowledge and techniques in amazing.  When I go to my weekly class I don't want to stop.  Sunday was great being an all day class.  I love my painting.  Thank you
Name: Meg Pai
City: Auckland
Workshop attended:Kingfisher Painting Workshop
Testimonial:  Both Diana and Richard were really supportive. They have excellent teaching skills and painting techniques. Instructions were spot on. I was very comfortable with what I was doing. It was a really rewarding experience. I enjoyed it so much that I will book in for another workshop!

Name:Linley Orange
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Kingfisher
Testimonial: I had no prior painting experience before I attended the workshop.  I felt a bit overwhelmed when I first started but was very quickly put at ease by Richard & Diana.  Every question was answered patiently & clearly.  I will definitely be looking at attending another workshop.  You can't help but feel proud of your finished painting!.

Name: Linda Cooper
City: Kerikeri
Workshop attended: Kingfisher Painting
Testimonial: I have been painting for several years and like a lot of artists never feel completely happy with my end results.
Having had a few lessons from different people I actually had become more and more confused and lacking in confidence.
Now, with Diana and Richards' clear, precise and easy to follow instructions I feel I am back on track.
I love my finished painting that I painted in their class; my husband said it is the best painting I have ever done!
I highly recommend Diana and Richards' class to anyone wanting to learn or improve; they are so experienced at teaching and therefore very patient and sympathetic to our fears and any lack of confidence.
Name: Kris Morrish (left)
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Pink Camellia
Fantastic, thanks again, A wonderful day and very valuable workshop. I’m sure this is the start of things to come.
Although I was a bit apprehensive to start with, ( given a bad experience last year with a local mosaics instructor) I found your class informative, professional, and very supportive. It was extremely helpful to have everything provided on the day, with lots of good advice on where and what supplies to purchase.
Thanks again, and looking forward to the next workshop.

Name: Noeleen Taylor (right)
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Pink Camellia
Thank you for a great experience.  Having never held a paint brush in a creative fashion I had very little confidence in your published advice that even those of us with no experience can really paint when taught the right techniques.  I should not have been such a sceptic!  I actually created something that both myself and my family think is fantastic!.the start of a new era of self confidence

Thanks too for your supportive, friendly, relaxed and positive teaching style.  It has enthused me to book in for your drawing classes so I can explore other mediums.  Will look forward to that workshop later in the year.

Name: Kathleen Challinor
City: Auckland
Workshop Attended: Pink Camellia
I had never painted before I attended this workshop. Always wanting to do so, but never having the confidence or skills to start. The techniques we were taught were simple and easy to understand. I feel quite proud of what I achieved in just one day. I loved this workshop and look forward to attending many others. Thank you to Richard and Diana!

Name: Tony Burne
City:    Pukekohe
Workshop attended: Portraits
Testimonial: I've spent years drawing with no guidance, and somewhat fearful of attending art classes.  From beginning to end of the weekend workshop, the atmosphere was relaxing, encouraging whilst illuminating your creative energies towards your art.  Both Richard & Diana are fabulous people, who are so easy going, helpful, you can't not learn from  their dynamic energies.  I am so glad to have attended, and have enrolled in further classes.  My skill base has increased beyond my expectations. I'm amazed at the drawings I left with and so are my friends and family.

Name:Bev Weber
City:   Far North
Workshop attended:  Portrait drawing
Testimonial:  My family, friends and my husband all completely blown away by the results of the workshop - I loved it, going to keep on drawing portraits - and definitely will be at the advanced portrait class

Name: Laurain Magennis
Workshop attended: Pukeko
Testimonial: I loved every minute of the Pukeko workshop. Richard and Diana just make you feel so welcome and it was a very relaxing atmosphere. The time just flew by. This was the first time I had attempted to paint, it is something I always wanted to do but lacked the confidence. I am delighted with my finished painting and my kids where very impressed.
To any one thinking of joining a workshop with Richard and Diana, all I can say is go for it, they are brilliant.

Name: Judy Innis
City: Paeroa
Workshop attended: Tuscany Painting
Testimonial: Diana and Richard thank your patience, enthusiasm and sense of humour. As a beginning painter I found the step by step approach very supportive. I appreciated how you modelled certain  techniques beside my art work, never touching my painting, guiding and supporting me through the  process. This approach made me feel as if the artwork I produced was all mine, and of course it was. I am very proud of the paintings I produced over the two days. Thank you also for the follow up tips emailed to me after the workshop. You have given me the confidence to explore painting by myself. I look forward to attending more workshops, the hard part being which one to select as they all look wonderful and I know under your tutelage I will produce another painting that I am proud of.

Designed & Edited by Diana Moore
Name: Jacky Stevens
City: Whangarei
Workshop attended: Charcoal Black Panther
Testimonial: I would like to let others who are thinking of attending one of your courses know, that I very much enjoyed my day, I learnt many new things and as I have not learnt to even draw, let alone use any other forms or mediums, I was very surprised at my finished product a beautiful black Panther done in charcoal.  I did not feel intimidated by those in the class who were very much more experienced that I, in fact the opposite, they were helpful and encouraging to say the least. I'm glad I attended and will endeavour to do more classes with you in the future.

Name: Maggie Byers
City: Houhora Kaitaia
Workshop Attended: Morepork Painting Workshop
I had been teaching myself how to paint over the last few years but had come to a stand still with both inspiration and lack of technical knowledge.
I wondered how I would go painting all day. Not a problem ,the day flew. 
Both Richard and Diana were extremely helpful and encouraging with their expertise I particulary liked the fact that they didn't paint on any of the students canvases .It was very pleasant being in a small class Not bad 2 teachers to 8 students
After an 8 hour day I returned home with a rather delightful painting of the morepork I would certainly attend another workshop if a subject comes up to my pleasing and would recommend anyone with doubts Just do it.
Once again thankyou for a great day

Name: Marja Hallowes
City:Castor Bay, Auckland
Workshop attended:One Day "Gecko in Oil Pastel"
Testimonial:It was lovely doing something creative again after a few years' break. Richard and Diana were very capable, inspirational and patient as they guided us through the process of creating a Gecko in oil pastel. The room we were in was warm and comfortable, and we had plenty of one on one attention in the small class of 10. On taking my finished product home to my family at the end of the day I was pleased to hear that I should get it framed, and they want it on the wall in the dining room, please! I will keep a close eye on what's coming up in the classes as I would love to do more.

Name: Adele van de Ven
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Drawing for Beginners
Dear Richard & Diana, I had such an amazing time this weekend.  This weekend was like a dream coming true, you have not only given me the tools with which I can draw, but you have boosted my confidence and you can not put a price on that! Knowledge is indeed powerful and the techniques you've shown have equipped me for life! Thank you so much for your patience, the friendly atmosphere, making me feel welcome and feeding the artist within me! I still can not believe what I've achieved in such a short space of time and will definitely be back for more lessons!!
Name: Peter Moore
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Beginners Drawing
Testimonial: I was quite concerned about booking on and participating in this workshop, having spent my life so far (now in my 5th decade) just accepting that I am no artist and 'knowing' that I couldn't draw.  Well, it's the Monday after the workshop and now I'm thinking, OK, I'll finish off drawing that Tiger that I started on the weekend, when it's finished it will become a companion to the Eagle that I completed during the workshop.  Next thing might be a still life to practice my shading and I'd also like to try drawing something from a photo I've taken. The workshop with Diana and Richard has opened up new possibilities. Brilliant!!

Name: Gill Harris
City: Auckland
Workshops attended: Several
Testimonial: I have just discovered the wonderful couple that is Moore’s Fine Arts. Richard and Diana are an engaging and personable pair with expert knowledge in all forms of painting and drawing. I have learned so much in the three workshops I have family say I am improving in leaps and bounds at painting. I only ever drew with coloured pencils before and lacked the confidence to try painting. Having begun, I now don’t want to stop! Richard and Diana go stepwise for beginners and paced for the more experienced, alike. They do a wide variety of workshops, with many different subjects, so there is truly something for everyone. All I can say, is “Why did I wait so long?” You couldn’t get a better start with more knowledgeable teachers.

Name: Andrea Honegger
City: Auckland
Workshop Attended: Sunset with Flax Painting
I attended the sunset painting class, my third class with Richard and Diana. As always it was a really lovely day, Richard and Diana are so kind, patient, encouraging and empowering. They guide you through the step-by-step process of completing a painting that you are happy to display or give as a gift. During the day I learnt many techniques that I will hopefully go on to use in more paintings at home.

I would not hesitate to recommend one of Richard and Diana classes to anyone who would like to do a class themselves or are looking for a fun and interesting gift.

Name: Diane Moult
City: Auckland
Workshop attended:  Cabbage Tree
Testimonial:I have been learning to draw with Diana and Richard since the beginning of 2012. I am amazed at how quickly my confidence has grown thanks to the methods taught. This is the first painting workshop I have attended and I was a little hesitant about the subject of the painting until it started to take shape. I have learnt so much about the paints as well as the different techniques they taught us. So much information and follow up with step by step manuals that I feel quite confident I could easily repeat the process. I highly recommend Diane & Richards as experienced and well prepared art teachers. Their weekly classes and weekend workshops are fun,encouraging and achievable for all who attend as new friends are made.
Name: Sue Jones
City:  Hamilton
Workshop attended:  Rose Painting
Testimonial:  My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was very informative with plenty of time spent with each participant to help them complete their painting.
We are really delighted with the end product as we both have very limited knowledge or experience with painting but have certainly made it a goal to attend other sessions as they become available. I will certainly look forward to some sessions in Cambridge or Hamilton in the future. 

Name: Sonia Dickson
City: Whangarei
Workshop attended: Sunset with Flax Painting
Testimonial: What a great day! My previous experience painting amounted to playing with my toddler but I had always wanted to try so was really looking forward to the experience. Once we started painting I became a little nervous but both Di & Richard were very friendly & encouraging and helped me to complete my painting... and wow I am so impressed with it, as were my family & friends. Thanks Di & Richard, I will definitely be enrolling in another workshop :)

Name: Nicolette Crews
City: Auckland
Workshop attended:Portrait Weekend & Pohutukawa Painting Workshop
I have been to two workshops this year; Pohutukawa Painting Workshop and have just completed the Learn to Draw Portraits Weekend Workshop.  Thoroughly enjoyed both of them and could not believe the art works I produced.  I have always wanted to paint but never really knew where to start and have since painted my own pohutukawa and beach scene.  As for my finished portrait, I could not believe I could actually draw a face that was in proportion and resembled the picture we were using as reference!  The techniques shown to the class by Richard and Diana for both workshops made the painting and drawing so easy and you know you will be able to do it on your own at home.  I have already signed up for my next workshop which is the Advanced Portrait Weekend and am also considering signing up for one of the travel workshops.
Name: Lyn Best
City: Kerikeri
Workshop attended: Rose painting Kerikeri
Testimonial: I really enjoyed attending your workshop and gained quite a few helpful techniques. You were both very friendly and encouraging and I definitely recommend your workshops as the place to go to learn more. I have done some painting in all media and really enjoyed creating and learning more techniques from  experienced people such as Richard and Diana. I was really satisfied with my painting of the Rose and it impressed my family and friends.

Name: Rosemary Chanel
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Portrait for Beginners
Testimonial: I absolutely loved the weekend portrait course and totally recommend it. It exceeded my expectations to what could be achieved over two days. Although I have drawn before, I learnt so many techniques to better put my drawing into proportion and to look at things in finer detail. I am so happy with the 2 portraits done in class. Richard and Diana were very welcoming and I am looking forward to advancing to the next course.

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Name: David Laumatia
City: Auckland
Workshop attended: Learn to Draw Portraits
I want to thank Richard and Diana for giving me the belief and skills that I can be a good artist.  I use to sketch comics as a kid and put it aside as an adult, but now that passion has been re-ignited.
I have been so encouraged by my friends saying that the portraits I did over the weekend were fantastic.  I never believed that I could sketch faces, but now I have that self-belief.   I am so excited about the future and want to thank Richard and Diana for being such wonderful teachers.  Their teaching style is so relaxing and always encouraging.  Get in quick, you won't regret it!