This lovely book will be an indispensable guide for acrylic flower artists, revealing how to paint 50 of the most popular floral subjects, from agapanthus to zinnia, with plant-specific instructions for capturing the unique beauty of each species. All the techniques the reader will need are clearly explained and demonstrated, from analysing the shape and structure of the flowers to mixing and blending rich, luminous colours, laying washes, creating textured effects and adding highlights.

Impressionism has inspired generations of artists and no one has done more for the cause than Charles Hawthorne. In "Painting the Impressionist Landscape", author and artist Lois Griffel explores Hawthorne's theories on colour and light, in depth. Griffel teaches his philosophy like no other painter can, with inspiring step-by-step painting lessons and illuminating text. This is a true classic of art instruction.

Few mediums can rival the range of effects achieved with colored pencils. This guide offers sound instruction from two highly respected artists. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, they provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. Chapters feature an easy-to-reference format covering crucial topics including setup, application, technique, colour theory, texture and light.
Digital cameras and software have revolutionized the world of photography. With seemingly endless products available, photographers are challenged to find what will work best for their individual needs. Renowned photographer Tony Sweet guides readers through numerous lessons, from performing camera 'swipes' and creating abstract images to applying filters and transforming infrared images - all illustrated with his stunning nature photographs. Readers will learn how to use a variety of plug-ins, filters, exposure elements, adjustment layers, film emulation software and more.

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Blue & Gold Macaw E-book $29.99 
YOU Can Now Learn To Paint a Realistic Parrot with a few simple steps.  20 pages of Full Coloured and Detailed Pictures with over 22 Steps to Draw and Paint a Parrot.
Cabbage Tree E-book $29.99
You Can Now Learn To Paint a Realistic Cabbage Tree and Beach Scene with a few simple steps.  30 pages of Full Coloured and Detailed Pictures with over 27 Steps to Draw and Paint a Cabbage Tree and Beach Scene.
Sunset E-book $29.99
You Can Now Learn To Paint a Realistic Sunset with waves in a few simple steps.  You are taken through this painting step by step with lots of tips and techniques throughout the book.
This has to be the most highly recommended reference book for painting and drawing people. The photos are exquiste. Specially taken photographs show the construction of the human body while underlying anatomical structures are revealed using illustrations by the author.
Many artists are intimidated by perspective. However, creating an illusion of depth in your work is actually far easier than colour or design when explained correctly. This book helps readers learn how to create perspective on a flat surface using a variety of mediums. It covers the theory behind perspective and introduces various subjects.
Features techniques created by the author that include layering, translucent effects, using odourless solvents to achieve rich, luminous colour and eye-popping ultra-realistic effects.
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The Indispensable Guide by Lorena Kloosterboer

The technical secrets of a professional painter for the best results and more room for creativity.

Painting in Acrylics: The Indispensable Guide provides comprehensive guidance for painters of all experience. Realist painter Lorena Kloosterboer, known for her exceptional technical skill, starts with the basics and progresses to advanced techniques and professional practice.

The topics include:

About Acrylic Paint -- Types of acrylics, comparative advantages, how to read a paint label, using mediums and additives, gesso and varnish

Materials and Equipment -- Art supply shopping, palettes, masking, special effects tools, brushes, knives and shapers, airbrush, supports, surface preparation, the studio

The Foundation -- Color theory, mixing colors, size and dimensions, order of work, using references, transferring images, painting whites, grays and blacks

Techniques -- Underpainting, washes, wet in wet, adding salt and alcohol, blending, dry brush and scumbling, pouring, masking and stenciling, grisaille, glazing, impasto, sgraffito, spattering, sponging, stamping, decalcomania, airbrushing

Surface and Form -- Still life, wood, glass, metals, fabric, paper, flowers and leaves, portrait, skin, hair, animals, feathers, landscape, water, clouds, shrubs and trees, stone and brick

Be a Pro -- Ethical behavior, competitions/exhibits, art community, consistency, painting titles, keeping records, recording your work, framing, shipping, reproductions, social media, tuition.

A navigator sidebar refers readers to related sections for more information or problem solving. Appendices include a list of recommended brands and where to buy them, a glossary of art terms, how to fix common problems, and health and safety.

Beyond its outstanding content, this book's size makes it an exceptional value. Other titles on this topic rarely exceed 200 pages, even the so-called "big" books. An affordable volume by a world-renowned, widely exhibited artist, Painting in Acrylics: The Indispensable Guide is a superb value that will provide years of expert guidance and inspiration. It is an essential choice for retailers and libraries.